Certification of wind turbines involves three distinct steps: establishing hardware performance standards, conducting tests, and operating an independent certification body.  All parts are necessary to implement certification. However, SWCC only conducts the third step.


What SWCC Does

  • Certify Small and Medium-Sized Wind Turbines: The SWCC is an independent certification body created to serve the North American market. SWCC certifies wind turbines that conform to industry standards.
  • Issue Consumer Labels: For small wind turbines, SWCC issues easy-to-understand labels for Rated Annual Energy Output, Rated Power, and Rated Sound Level. The label also confirms that the turbine meets durability and safety requirements. As turbines are certified, SWCC publishes Power Curves, Annual Energy Performance Curves and measured sound pressure levels for each model certified.


SWCC Does Not

  • Establish Standards: The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has adopted the Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard establishing a common North American framework for reporting wind turbine energy and sound performance.
  • Conduct Tests: SWCC does not conduct tests, but verifies and certifies test results submitted by testing organizations. Certification applicants test their turbines to the AWEA Standard.
  • Certify Towers or Foundations: Under the AWEA Standard, towers and foundations are not part of the certified system.


Through active ongoing participation in technical committees for the AWEA Standard, the RUK Standard and the IEC Standards, SWCC is playing a key role in helping to update and achieve international harmonization of standards, testing and certification. SWCC is working diligently with other wind certification programs in Europe, Asia and North America to minimize the differences between country-specific requirements in order to address a well-recognized market barrier.


SWCC Certification Is

  • An independent confirmation by an accredited certification body that the wind turbine has been tested and designed according to the requirements of the AWEA Standard.


SWCC Certification Is Not

  • An assertion that a wind turbine is durable, reliable, quiet, loud, safe, efficient, good, bad, failure-proof or perfect.
  • Provided by AWEA.