The SWCC Board of Directors is composed of eleven voting Directors from the following stakeholder sectors:

  • 3 Directors from the Government/Laboratory Sector, who are current employees of government agencies or government-sponsored national laboratories related to renewable energy;
  • 3 Directors from the Public/Organization Sector, who have a demonstrated interest in renewable energy, and who currently are not employees of, or derive any direct financial income from, the wind turbine industry;
  • 3 Directors from the Industry Sector, who are current employees, owners, or other representatives of current manufacturers of wind turbines, or those who otherwise derive financial or other benefit from the wind industry; and,
  • 2 Directors from the Installer Sector, who are current, qualified installers of small and medium wind turbines.

All Board Directors possess appropriate experience, education, and/or training related to the field of wind turbines or renewable energy, and are otherwise qualified according to the SWCC Bylaws and applicable corporate policies. The Government/Laboratory and Public/Organization Sector Directors are elected by the Board of Directors. The Industry Sector Directors are elected by the SWCC Program Participants.

The terms of the Directors are staggered to ensure that approximately one-third of the positions expire each year. Voting Directors are allowed to serve up to two consecutive terms, or six consecutive years, and are not eligible for election or other appointment to the Board until after a one-year gap.

SWCC operates with strict procedures to avoid conflicts of interest.  All Directors submit conflict of interest statements and must recuse themselves from any action where they have a conflict.  The President cannot be an Industry Sector director.  The Certification Commission, not the Board of Directors, makes certification decisions.

President: Trudy Forsyth, Broomfield, CO
Treasurer: Mike Bergey, Bergey Windpower, Norman, OK
David Carr, Frank Phillips College, Borger, TX
Gary Harcourt, Great Rock Windpower LLC, Tisbury, MA
Andrew Hickok, Pika Energy, Westbrook, ME
Ken Jurman, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Richmond, VA
David Laino, Endurance Wind Power, Rosedale, MD
Mark Mayhew,  NYSERDA, Albany, NY
Ernest Pritchard III
, Sustainable Energy Developments, Ontario, NY
Lise Trudeau, MN Department of Commerce, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Dan Turner, Windustry, Minneapolis, MN