Thank you to SWCC’s Funders

Past Funders
US Department of Energy
Canadian Wind Energy Association (with funds from Natural Resources Canada)
Casper College (Wyoming)
Energy Trust of Oregon
Iowa Energy Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nevada State Office of Energy
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority
Wisconsin Department of Administration

The SWCC Organizational Plan was developed by a volunteer Working Group of small wind industry members, in partnership with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and with the advice of Richard Goldberg and Associates.

Initial SWCC Working Group Members
Michael Bergey, Bergey Windpower
Alan Cowan, Energy Trust of Oregon
Svend deBruyn, CanWEA/Detronics
John Dunlop, American Wind Energy Association
Trudy Forsyth, NREL
Megan Graham, Casper College
David Laino, Windward Engineering
Jennifer Harvey, NYSERDA
Peter Konesky, Nevada Energy Office
Andy Kruse, Southwest Windpower
Charles Newcomb, Entegrity Wind Systems Inc.
Robert Preus, Abundant Renewable Energy
Cheryl Rezabek, Wisconsin Division of Energy
Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power and Light
Jane Weissman, IREC

Initial SWCC Working Group Alternates
David Blittersdorf, Earth Turbines
Alex DePillis, Consultant
Anne Forbes, Wind Energy Institute of Canada
Jim Folkman, California Energy Commission
Gerry Galinato, Idaho Energy Division
James Glennie, WEICan
Craig Hansen, Windward Engineering
Robert Hornung, CanWEA
Erin Johnston, Energy Trust of Oregon
Keith Kutz, Iowa Energy Center
Hal Link, NREL
Payam Narvand, California Energy Commission
Jennifer Oliver, Southwest Windpower
Christa Schute, Earth Turbines
Ron Stimmel, American Wind Energy Association
Sean Whittaker, Canadian Wind Energy Association
Jay Yeager, Southwest Windpower