Larry Sherwood,
Executive Director | [email protected] (518) 213-9441

Larry Sherwood is the President of Sherwood Associates, a renewable energy consulting firm. In addition to serving as Executive Director of SWCC, he is the Project Administrator for the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards, Editor of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s (IREC) Small Wind Newsletter, and author of IREC’s report, U.S. Solar Market Trends. Formerly, he was the Executive Director of the American Solar Energy Society.

Brent Summerville,
Technical Director | [email protected] (518) 213-9438

Brent Summerville is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Masters in Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University (ASU). He gained experience with testing of small wind turbines while serving as the manager of the ASU Small Wind Research & Demonstration Site on Beech Mountain.

Sue Pratt,
Administrator | [email protected] (518) 213-9440

Sue Pratt provides office support to process SWCC applications.



eFormative Options, Stakeholder Communications | (206) 567-5466

eFormative Options is a development, policy and market analysis, public affairs and management consulting firm that specializes in forming and advancing sustainable endeavors. eFormative assists the SWCC in communicating with and receiving input from stakeholders including manufacturers, installers, government and utility incentive program managers, testing laboratories, and consumers. eFormative aids the SWCC in presenting certification results to the public for consumers and incentive mangers to learn about the performance of certified turbines.