ICC-SWCC welcomes manufacturers of small wind turbines, with a swept area of 200 m2 or less, to apply for certification under the Small Wind Turbine (SWT) Certification Program. ICC-SRCC is an ISO-17065 accredited certification body, whose certifications for small and medium wind turbines are cited and recognized throughout North America.

Applicant Eligibility
Applications for ICC-SWCC SWT certification may be submitted only by the holder of all ownership rights in and to the small wind turbine (Manufacturer), or the manufacturer’s authorized designee. If the Applicant is an authorized designee, the designee must submit written proof of authorization to seek ICC-SWCC certification from the Manufacturer. ICC-SWCC will have the sole and exclusive right to determine whether such a designee is properly authorized to seek ICC-SWCC certification.

Equipment Eligibility
Turbines eligible for ICC-SWCC Certification must meet the size and type requirements defined in the AWEA Standard. Eligible small wind turbines are currently defined as newly manufactured, electricity-producing wind turbines with a swept area up to 200 m2. Except as required by the AWEA Standard, towers and foundation are not part of the scope of ICC-SWCC SWT Certification.

Applicants may submit one (1) application for multiple configurations of the same turbine type, provided that the small wind turbines are similar in design and other significant characteristics. In this regard, ICC-SWCC will make every reasonable effort to consolidate the testing requirements applicable under this Policy, based on ICC-SWCC’s review of the information contained in an Applicant’s Notice of Intent to Submit an Application. However, each small wind turbine configuration will be issued a separate certification, provided all certification eligibility requirements are met.

How to Apply
Please follow these steps to begin the process:

    1. Review the AWEA Standard.
    2. Download and complete an ICC-SWCC Notice of Intent Form (best to be completed as early as possible, BEFORE testing begins).
    3. Download and complete the ICC-SWCC Configuration Description Form.  A separate form must be submitted for each turbine configuration seeking certification.
    4. Email the completed forms and all supporting turbine documentation to [email protected].

. As applicable, mail any non-electronic supporting turbine documentation, and the Preliminary Review Fee to the address below.


Mail to:
Small Wind Certification Council (ICC-SWCC)
3060 Saturn Street
Suite 100
Brea, CA 92821