Medium Turbines

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How to Get Started
The SWCC offers the service of independent, third-party verification that a medium wind turbine meets the requirements of the IEC Standards.

Applying for certification begins with a submission of a Notice of Intent to Submit an Application where the details of the wind turbine and proposed test plans are presented (best to be submitted BEFORE testing begins – see Applicant FAQs on timing for more details).

After signing a customized Certification Agreement, the applicant can choose to allow SWCC to publicly identify the Applicant’s name and wind turbine model and listed on the SWCC website with “Application Pending” status (“Under Contract,” “Under Test,” or “Reports Submitted”) prior to becoming certified.

After the turbine has been tested and evaluated per the specified standard(s) and reporting is complete, the certification applicant submits test reports and other application materials to SWCC to complete the application process.

To get started, SWCC recommends that Applicants read through the SWCC Policies.

To submit a Notice of Intent, please visit the SWCC New Applications page.