The SWCC offers the service of independent, third-party verification that a wind turbine meets the requirements of specified Standards.  There are several pathways for turbines to be certified through SWCC. For more information on certification and the SWCC certification process, read through the AWEA Standard and SWCC Policies.

The growth of distributed wind is often tied to state and utility incentives and rebates. Independent certification by SWCC has been identified as a pathway to eligibility for numerous incentives, and several programs are beginning to require certification.

Several turbines have received full SWCC certification and consumer labels, while still more are in the certification process.  In addition, several turbines have received Conditional Temporary Certification based on certification through the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Turbines can also receive Limited Power Performance (LPP) certification, which is for small wind turbine models that have completed power performance testing in accordance with SWCC and AWEA Standard requirements, but have not completed the rest of the certification process. Click here to review the status of turbine applicants.

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