Certification Pathways

Alternative Pathways for Turbines to be Certified by SWCC

Pathways to SWCC SWT Certification 28Aug2013

Wind turbines certified by other certification bodies to the AWEA Small Wind Standard, the RUK Small Wind Standard (supporting the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme), the JSWTA (Japanese) Standard, or IEC Standards can be certified by the SWCC, as shown on the chart below.

Depending of the details of wind turbine configuration that was tested and certified, the SWCC may impose further requirements in order to meet the AWEA Standard. Additionally, the SWCC and the other certification body must sign an agreement before the other body’s work can be used for granting SWCC certification.

SWCC Relationship to MCS

SWCC has some similarities but also important differences from the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Both are independent, third-party entities whose certification assures the quality of wind turbines as well as provides government agencies with reliable technical information so they can intelligently craft consumer renewable energy programs.

Under MCS, manufacturers must 1) comply with the RUK Small Wind Turbine Standard and 2) receive verification that the company’s quality management system is in accordance with the Factory Production Control requirements. SWCC certifies to the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard only.

While the core of the AWEA and RUK Standards are harmonized, there are differences to consider. For example, because grid requirements differ in the UK and North America, the two configurations may exhibit operational differences that require additional evaluation or testing. In addition, MCS acoustic data must be reanalyzed before a turbine can be certified to the AWEA Standard.

SWCC offers a time-limited Conditional Temporary Certification for small wind turbines certified to the IEC 61400 series of Standards or the RUK Standard. Applicants may be required to satisfy identified conditions within the twelve (12) month Conditional Certification period in order for the wind turbine model to be eligible for full SWCC Certification.

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