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SWCC Certifications
The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has issued several Full Certifications and consumer labels to applicant manufacturers for turbines that have successfully tested to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard (AWEA Standard 9.1 – 2009).

The consumer labels show the Rated Annual Energy, the Rated Sound Level and Rated Power. SWCC has also published official certificates and Summary Reports for the fully certified models. The reports contain each turbine’s respective tabulated power curve and acoustic data, tower design requirements, and confirms that each meets all of the AWEA Standard’s requirements on durability, mechanical strength, safety and function.

The current status of turbines, including Limited Power Performance (LPP) certifications, Conditional Temporary Certification (CTC), as well as Full Certifications, are shown on the SWCC Applicant Status Table.

Before SWCC releases consumer labels for limited and conditionally certified turbine models, these applicants must meet a few additional requirements of the AWEA Standard and submit a full application package, including acoustics data analysis, to SWCC for evaluation as described in the SWCC Certification Policy.

SWCC Confirms ‘Under Test’ Status of Applicants

In order to provide transparency in the certification process, the SWCC reports the following key milestones for Pending Applicants:

  • “Under Contract” indicates that the Applicant has executed a Certification Agreement with the SWCC;
  • “Under Test” indicates that the wind turbine has been installed at the test site, commissioned, instrumented and is collecting data;
  • “Reports Submitted” indicates that the Applicant has submitted a complete Test and Analysis Report to the SWCC with a Certification Application; and
  • “Conditional Temporary Certification” indicates that SWCC has granted a time-limited certification with labels, certificates, and summary reports pending for a wind turbine tested and analyzed according to the IEC 61400 series of Standards or the BWEA Standard (certain requirements of the AWEA Standard have not yet been met).

SWCC publishes the application status levels along with the dates that Applicants have achieved each level on the SWCC Applicant Status Table.

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