First Medium Wind Applicant, Seventh Full SWCC Certification

With another wind turbine model receiving full SWCC certification and our first medium-sized application underway, certification continues to advance consumer protection against fraudulent claims and faulty equipment and help build the distributed wind industry’s reputation.

Although a few listings have expired, SWCC’s ranks continue to increase and additional certifications and testing milestones for both small and medium wind turbines are expected in the coming months.

SWCC continues to streamline and clarify its process and work with colleagues around the world to make sure that wind turbine standards are up-to-date.

Endurance S-343 Fully Certified, E-3120 and Dakota Under Contract

SWCC issued its seventh full certification to the Endurance S-343 in July 2013. The 5.4 kW horizontal axis wind turbine from Endurance Wind Power Inc. had previously been granted Limited Power Performance certification which allows SWCC to certify and publish Power Performance results while full certification is underway. The S-343 was tested at the Windward Engineering facility in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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The Endurance E-3120 and Dakota Turbines’ DT-30 are now under contract with SWCC to pursue certification. The E-3120 is the first medium-sized turbine to seek certification through the SWCC with test results from the Utah Windward facility. The DT-30 is slated to be tested at the new High Plains Small Wind Test Center in Colby, Kansas.

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3rd Full Certification Issued

Evance R9000 Fully Certified

Evance R9000 On December 18, 2012, SWCC granted full certification of the R9000 from Evance Wind Turbines. The Evance 9000 is designed and manufactured in the UK and has also achieved certification according to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme using BRE Global as the certification body. SWCC has signed a reciprocity agreement with BRE Global which enabled us to use much of the work conducted in the UK for granting our own certification to AWEA Standard 9.1-2009.

The Evance R9000 is a 3-blade, upwind, horizontal axis wind turbine with a swept area of 23.8 m2. The AWEA Rated Annual Energy is 9,160 kWh, AWEA Rated Sound Level is 45.6 dB(A) and the AWEA Rated Power is 4.1 kW at 11 m/s. The SWCC Consumer Label, Certificate and Summary Report can be found here.

Additional Wind Turbines Provisionally Certified

The SWCC has issued its first Limited Power Performance (LPP) certification to the Endurance Wind Power S-343, and its sixth Conditional Temporary Certification (CTC) to the Eveready Kestrel e400nb 250, increasing the tally of turbine models partially or fully SWCC-certified.

SWCC issued its first two full certifications and consumer labels in late 2011 to the Bergey Windpower Excel 10 and the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7. The consumer labels show the Rated Annual Energy, the Rated Sound Level and Rated Power, and SWCC Summary Reports provide each turbine’s respective tabulated power curve and acoustic data, tower design requirements, and confirm that each meets all the AWEA Standard’s requirements on durability, mechanical strength, safety and function.

SWCC has also awarded conditional certification to the Evance R9000, the Evoco 10 kW, the Kingspan KW6, the Gaia Wind GW 133 – 11kW, and the Xzeres-442SR. Before SWCC releases consumer labels for limited and conditionally certified turbine models, these applicants must meet a few additional requirements of the AWEA Standard and submit a full application package, including acoustics data analysis, to SWCC for evaluation.

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SWCC Issues Fifth Conditional Temporary Certification

The SWCC is pleased to grant its fifth Conditional Temporary Certifications to another small wind turbine model certified under the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme, shown on the SWCC Applicant Status Table.

SWCC Conditional Temporary Certification status indicates that the turbine has been tested and certified to the BWEA Standard, but certain requirements of the AWEA Standard have not been met. The SWCC may require that the Applicant satisfy additional requirements within the 18-month Conditional Certification period to be eligible for full SWCC Certification.

As described in the SWCC Certification Policy, SWCC labels, certificates and summary reports are pending for such turbines until Conditional Temporary Certifications become full Certifications.