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New Application Overview

ICC-SWCC offers the service of independent, third-party verification that a small or medium wind turbine meets the requirements of specified standards. Applying for certification begins with a Preliminary Review of the turbine.  This starts with the submission of a Notice of Intent Form  and a Configuration Description Form by the applicant.  These documents  provide ICC-SWCC with the details the wind turbine and proposed test plans.  ICC-SWCC strongly suggests that these documents be submitted BEFORE testing begins (see Applicant FAQs on timing for more details).  This ensures that the turbine is eligible for ICC-SWCC certification, and that the proposed testing will meet the program requirements – saving time and money.

Once a successful Preliminary Review is completed, a Certification Agreement is generated and the manufacturer is invited to formally apply for ICC-SWCC certification.  After signing the customized Certification Agreement, the applicant can choose to allow ICC-SWCC to publicly identify the Applicant’s name and wind turbine model and listed on the ICC-SWCC website with “Application Pending” status (“Under Contract,” “Under Test,” or “Reports Submitted”) prior to becoming certified.

After the turbine has been tested and evaluated per the specified standards and reporting is complete, the  applicant submits the required test reports, analyses and other application materials to ICC-SWCC to complete the application process.  The ICC-SWCC staff and Certification Commission review the material to determine compliance with the requirements of the applicable certification program.  If approved, the applicant is notified and the final certification documents are posted on the ICC-SWCC website.  If not, the deficiency is identified and the applicant is provided with an opportunity to correct the issue to again seek approval.

Annual Renewal

After completing the application process, the certification is valid for a period of one year.  Prior to expiration, the certification holder is invited to apply for renewal.  This involves the completion of a self-assessment form, which poses questions regarding design and production changes, complaints, recalls and any product failures in the field.  An annual program fee is also assessed.  Once received, the ICC-SWCC Certification Commission reviews the submitted material and either awards renewal, or requires corrective actions to continue certification.

More information

For more information on the application process, visit the ICC-SWCC New Applications pages for Small and Medium turbines.  Or if you have specific questions, please contact us using the online form on this website.