About SWCC

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC), an independent accredited certification body, certifies wind turbines that meet or exceed the requirements of specified Standards. Designed to promote consumer confidence and mainstream acceptance of small and medium wind technology, SWCC certification standardizes North American reporting turbine energy and sound performance.

SWCC issues certified turbines easy-to-understand labels with Rated Annual Energy Output, Rated Power, and Rated Sound Level. The labels also confirm that certified turbines meet durability and safety requirements of the AWEA Standard. SWCC publishes Power Curves, Annual Energy Performance Curves, measured sound pressure levels, and other technical information for each model certified.


SWCC Benefits for Suppliers

  • Increased mainstream credibility
  • Conformity with performance and safety standards
  • Published power curves and sound levels

SWCC Benefits for Consumers

  • Comparison shopping
  • Ratings on easy-to-understand labels
  • Established pathways to qualify for incentives

SWCC began to accept certification applications in February 2010 and awarded its first full certification in November 2011. Read more>>