Overview of Certification Process

ICC-SWCC provides independent, third-party verification that small or medium wind turbines meet the requirements of several wind turbine standards. The general process for applicants seeking certification is described below and in the flowchart:

  • Application: Companies seeking ICC-SWCC certification for eligible wind turbines submit a completed application form for more information.  ICC-SWCC staff then responds to answer questions, cost and timing estimates and process details.
  • Preliminary Review: When the applicant is ready to proceed, the next step is a Preliminary Review of the turbine. The applicant submits a Preliminary Review Application Form along with all required submittals and fees. This provides ICC-SWCC with details on the wind turbine design and testing. The documents are reviewed by the ICC-SWCC staff and Certification Commission to determine the eligibility of the turbine for the requested certification and the specific requirements for certification of the specific turbine.
  • Certification Agreement: If the Preliminary Review is completed successfully, a Certification Agreement is generated, detailing the scope, specific requirements, submissions, testing and evaluation details and fees for full certification.  Once signed by the applicant and ICC-SWCC,  the application process formally begins.
  • Testing and Evaluation: If testing has not been completed previously, the applicant works with the selected testing organization to conduct the tests specified in the Certification Agreement. Any engineering analyses required are completed per ICC-SWCC requirements and submitted.
  • Review and Decision: After the required test reports, analyses and other materials have been submitted to ICC-SWCC, the full review process takes place. ICC-SWCC Certification Analysts and Certification Commission review the material to determine compliance with the requirements of the standards and program. If approved, the applicant is notified and the final certification documents are posted on the ICC-SWCC Directory. If not, the deficiency is identified and the applicant is provided with an opportunity to correct the issue to again seek approval.
More Details

For more detailed information on the application process, visit the following pages for Small and Medium turbines. Or if you have specific questions, please contact us.