Thank you for your interest in ICC-SWCC’s certifications and listings for small and medium wind turbines! To begin an application for any ICC-SWCC certification, please complete and return the Application Form below.

Applicants undergo a Preliminary Review to confirm eligibility and to establish the specific testing and submittals to be required. A customized Certification Agreement is then drafted and acceptance by the applicant and ICC-SWCC. It details the submittals, testing requirements, scope and certification fees.

If testing has not been previously completed, the applicant then works conduct testing with an approved testing laboratory. The completed test report is submitted to ICC-SWCC for review and acceptance. Any engineering analyses specified in the Certification Agreement must also be submitted to ICC-SWCC.

Upon submission of all testing, analyses and fees required in the Certification Agreement, ICC-SWCC staff reviews all material and calculates performance ratings. The ICC-SWCC Certification Commission is then convened to make the final certification decision.

Once a turbine has been certified, ICC-SWCC issues a summary report, which contains the Rated Annual Energy, Rated Power and Rated Sound Level as well as other technical information. The Summary Report, certificate, and certification label are then placed on the ICC-SWCC website for public use.  For more information and an overview of the application and certification process, click here.

If you have any additional questions, wish to receive a quote for your specific certification needs, or if you need any assistance please contact us.