Established in 2009 as a non-profit organization to serve the North American market, SWCC is a third-party certification body developing and implementing a quality product certification program for small and medium-sized wind turbines.

SWCC is operated by dedicated Staff and SWCC Commissioners and is supported by Funders and Contributors as well as client fees.


Shawn Martin
Director of Technical Services | (888) 422-7233 ext 7736

Contact for: Executive in charge of all technical matters

Brent Summerville
Certification Analyst |

Contact for:  Status of certification, lab report issues, and most concerns with turbine certifications

Arlene Kennedy
Participant Support Specialist | (888) 422-7233 ext 7735

Contact for: Spplication submittal, application status, billing, website issues, and most customer service functions.

ICC-SWCC Certification Commissioners

Dr. Nolan Clark, Agricultural Engineer P.E.
Dr. Clark conducted research on irrigation technologies and wind energy systems at the USDA Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland, Texas for 38 years. His research career began in 1971 and he served as the Laboratory Director from 1993 until retiring in 2009. His research experience included wind power for irrigation pumping, wind power for domestic and livestock water pumping, wind turbine performance, wind/hybrid generating systems, wind effects on sprinkler irrigation, groundwater management, microclimate, and animal waste management. Dr. Clark is a Registered Professional Engineer and received a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Texas Tech University in 1964; an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Mississippi State University in 1967; and a Ph.D in Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1970. In 2003, Dr. Clark was named a Wind Energy Pioneer by the DOE Wind Powering America Program and in 2005 received an Award for Outstanding Contributions to the American Wind Energy Association. In 2009, he received an award from the Wind Powering America Program in recognition of leadership, dedication, and numerous contributions to small wind turbine applications. Dr. Clark has served as a Certification Commissioner for the SWCC since 2010.

Malcolm A. Lodge, P.Eng
Malcolm A. Lodge is founder and President of Island Technologies Incorporated, an electrical engineering and wind energy system consulting and design firm. Malcolm has thirty years experience in wind energy engineering and has designed, managed and constructed wind energy systems and projects worldwide. Mr. Lodge was founder, designer and manager from 1980 to 1990 of the Atlantic Wind Test Site (AWTS), Canada’s national laboratory for wind energy systems evaluation and testing. During this period he worked closely with other international wind energy research laboratories in the USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, and Germany to develop standards for wind turbines and for development of wind-diesel technology. Mr. Lodge was founding president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association and has held many director positions in other renewable energy organizations, standards agencies and advisory groups to government. He received a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Distinction from Nova Scotia Technical College in 1962 and a Masters in Engineering specializing in Control Systems Design in 1964. He has been awarded the R.J. Templin Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Canadian Wind Energy Technology.

Michael Klemen
Mr. Klemen holds a joint undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science (ABME) from Bucknell University. His hobby farm has been off-grid powered by a hybrid wind/PV system since he purchased it 15 years ago. He also installed wind turbines at his brother’s and sister’s sites, but they didn’t work as advertised. Given his background in engineering and computer science, it was a natural progression to install data acquisition systems at all three sites. After many hours crunching the data and analyzing how it was performing, he was able to reverse engineer the different failures they had. Over the years, he has flown about a dozen turbines, and several manufacturers have sent him turbines to fly and test for them. He wrote an article in 1997 for Home Power Magazine (#62) and serves as the moderator of the small-wind-home list on YahooGroups! He has presented results of his wind testing data at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s annual energy fair and AWEA’s Global Windpower conference, and in 2008 was invited to present at the Small Wind Turbine Testing Organization Workshop hosted by NREL at the National Wind Technology Center. He served on the Board of Directors for North Dakota Sustainable Energy for Economic Development and was a member of the working group that created the AWEA Small Turbine Testing Standards. He comes to the SWCC as an extremely educated consumer who understands how to interpret raw data.