SWCC certifies that small wind turbines meet the requirements of the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard.

1) Notice of Intent and Pending Applications
The first step in the SWCC application process is submitting a Notice of Intent form together with a Configuration Description form for each turbine, supporting documentation, and a Preliminary Review Fee. NOTE: SWCC advises applicants to submit NOIs before beginning testing to ensure that test plans conform to all requirements and documentation is obtained during testing. Especially for non-accredited test sites, it is advisable for SWCC to begin the site evaluation and test witnessing early in the process in order to avoid delays and added costs.

After the Applicant signs a customized Certification Agreement with SWCC detailing the turbine seeking certification, the test plans, requirements of the structural analysis, and Certification Fees, the Applicant can choose to allow SWCC to publicly identify the Applicant’s name and small wind turbine model and be listed on the SWCC website with status designations Application Pending: Under Contract, Under Test, or Reports Submitted or Conditional Temporary Certification prior to becoming certified.


2) Strength Analysis
The AWEA Standard requires the mechanical strength of the turbine system to be assessed using either the simple equations or aeroelastic modeling methods in IEC 61400-2. This strength analysis is typically performed by the applicant in conjunction with an engineer. SWCC has compiled a list of small wind turbine design consultants that may be able to assist the applicant with this portion of turbine certification. The list may not be all-inclusive. The list is not an endorsement of any organization, only an informative list.


3) Testing
Certification applicants may choose to use an accredited or non-accredited laboratory or to conduct the testing themselves. Non-accredited testing organizations are required to sign a testing agreement with the SWCC, agreeing to perform appropriate tests on the turbine to be certified and agreeing to the test plans and SWCC test site evaluation. All testing must comply with the AWEA Standard and SWCC Policies. All testing costs will be the responsibility of the certification applicant.

You can download a list of potential test organizations that intend to test small wind turbines for the North American market. The list may not be all-inclusive. The list is not an endorsement of any test organization, only an informative list.


4) Certification
Certification applicants submit a test report and other application materials to SWCC to complete the application process. Certification fees are available in the SWCC Certification Policy. The SWCC Certification Commission will make the final certification decision.

Once a product has been certified, SWCC issues a summary report, which contains the Rated Annual Energy, Rated Power and Rated Sound Level as well as other technical information. The report also notes that the turbine meets the durability and safety requirements of the AWEA Standard.

For more details, see the SWCC New Applications and Fees pages for small and medium turbines and the FAQ for Applicants page.