icc-srcc_vert_rgb_webSWCC is now part of ICC-SRCC, a member of the International Code Council family of companies. This gives SWCC customers and consumers greater resources to draw upon when developing or considering the addition of small and medium wind power alternatives to augment the energy efficiency and resilience of homes, building and communities.

SWCC will shortly migrate all our information for consumers, applicants and other stakeholders to the ICC-SRCC website where a centralized portal on advanced resilient building practices and products will be found. Keep watching for future updates!

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Consistent Ratings for Wind Turbines

Distributed wind turbines have great potential to serve homes, farms, schools and other end-users, offering increased security of energy supply and community awareness of clean energy options. However, consumers and incentive managers need greater assurance of safety, performance, and functionality to justify investments.

With certification allowing “apples-to-apples” comparisons of different small and medium-sized wind turbines, SWCC is helping overcome these hurdles. Read more>>

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SWCC is a member of the Clean Energy Credentialing Coalition