New Certification Fees

Fees for the certification new Small Wind Turbine and Medium Wind Turbines vary, depending on the characteristics of the turbine, and the specific needs of the applicant.    They include:

Preliminary Review Fee

All new certifications begin with a Preliminary Review.  ICC-SWCC charges $2500 for the review of the first turbine and $1250 for each additional turbine submitted at the same time (provided that the turbines are similar in design, as determined by ICC-SWCC).

Application Fee

ICC-SWCC quotes fees for SWT and MWT certification based on the specific needs of each certification applicant and the characteristic of the turbine.    Where Limited Power Performance Certification is selected, a separate fee is required.  Application fees do not include the costs for field testing or engineering analyses that may be necessary.  See below for more information.  Contact us for more details or a quote.

Test Site Evaluation Fees

Where a non-accredited test lab or self-testing is selected, ICC-SWCC requires that a Test Site Evaluation be conducted.  The fee depends on the location of the test facility, number of turbines to be inspected, and travel costs.  Contact us for more details or a quote.

Testing and Analysis Fees

Fees for field testing of the turbine are set by the testing organization selected by the applicant.  The same is true for any engineering analyses obtained by the applicant for certification.  In both cases, the fees are negotiated between the lab or consultant and paid directly by the applicant to each.

Annual Certification Renewal Fee

Once certification is granted, ICC-SWCC requires annual renewal for continued certification of the turbine.  Certification fees are assessed annually and submission of a self-assessment form is required.  Contact us for more details or a quote.

Certification Modification Fees

ICC-SWCC Certification holders are required to report any design changes to the turbine to determine the effect on the certification.  Fees are charged for the review of technical modifications.  Editorial changes to the certification requested by the certification holder are also subject to a modification fee.


Payments may be made by check or by wire transfer. Payments made by check must be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank and payable to Small Wind Certification Council. If you wish to wire funds, please contact ICC-SWCC ( or the Contact Form) for wire instructions.