SWCC Certification Ranks: Nine Models and Growing, Medium Turbines Now Eligible

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has recently issued its fifth and sixth full certifications, with nine turbine models now SWCC-certified. With an additional final report submitted for SWCC certification review, six others under test, and three new applicants, more full certifications are expected soon, further advancing consumer protection against fraudulent claims and faulty equipment and helping to build the industry’s reputation.

Reflecting global momentum in wind turbine certification, SWCC has increased its services and now offers certification for power performance and acoustic performance based on requirements identified in IEC 61400-12-1 and IEC 61400-11 for turbines with rotor swept areas larger than 200 m2 designated “medium” sized. “With more agencies requiring certification for eligibility for state and federal incentives, it’s a big boost for the distributed wind industry to see a critical mass of leading turbine models certified,” SWCC Executive Director Larry Sherwood said. “In the upcoming year, we expect to confirm certification milestones and grant certification for even more small and medium turbine models.”